Toothache, Winston-Salem, NC

Don’t let a toothache keep you from eating, drinking or sleeping – call us for help!

Toothache in Winston-Salem, NC

One of life’s pleasures is enjoying a great meal, including a refreshing drink and perhaps even a delicious dessert. If you are being denied that pleasure due to a toothache, you may feel like you are between two evils. Do you suffer with the pain that is keeping you from enjoying a meal or do you suffer from the anxiety of heading to a dentist? Here at the dental office of Michael S. Spangler, DDS, PA, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we can take away one of those evils for you because our dedication to patient comfort is just what you need to put your fears aside. We’ll get to the root of your toothache (pun intended!), so you can enjoy lasting relief.

Most of the time, a toothache is caused by a cavity, but with technological advancements, we can make that diagnosis accurately so that the right treatment is recommended. We will also look at other potential factors for your toothache, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), which can be brought on by stress, infection, gum disease, an abnormal bite or tooth trauma.

There are also temporary things you can do to ease your toothache pain until you can get into our office. For example, rinsing with warm salt water can ease pain caused by inflammation or infection. An over-the-counter pain reliever can also help, but do not put them against the tooth and gums as you could harm the tissue. If the pain is in your gums, there are specific products that can help, including oil of cloves, which numbs the area. If you have swelling from tooth trauma, apply a cold compress on your cheek. None of these gets to the cause of your toothache, so they aren’t a permanent solution. Be sure to call us for an appointment and we’ll get you into our office as soon as possible.

At the office of Michael S. Spangler, DDS, PA, we can help if you have a toothache in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, East Bend, Pfafftown, or Yadkinville, North Carolina.