Is a Root Canal Worthy of the Anxiety?

There is no debate that when someone mentions a root canal, the initial emotion is sympathy if it is someone else and anxiety if it is your tooth they are talking about. Is it really fair that this incredible process that can save a tooth has gotten such a bad rap? While it is true that is it not a 100% painless procedure, advances in dental procedures have made it far less difficult in recent years.

We highly recommend getting a root canal to save a tooth

Thanks to numbing medicine, the root canal itself does not involve severe pain. Add to that the fact that any post-procedure discomfort can be easily relieved with an over-the-counter pain reliever, and there is really no reason to feel anxiety over a root canal. In fact, if you need a root canal, the pain level you are experiencing before the root canal is likely worse than what you’ll experience getting the root canal.

Another thing to consider is the cost and discomfort involved with the loss of the tooth if you do not have the root canal done. Procedures to replace the lost tooth will involve more visits and inconvenience, as well. The American Association of Endodontists can further put your mind at ease about the myths about root canals that you might have heard regarding the pain level, aftereffects of a root canal, and whether pulling the tooth is a better option.

If you would like to know more about what a root canal is and how it is performed, give us a call at the dental office of Michael S. Spangler, DDS, PA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We highly recommend getting a root canal to save a tooth, as this is a widely practiced procedure – roughly 24 million teeth are saved with root canals every year! If you experiencing pain, don’t suffer any longer when we are confident that we have the best solution for your situation.